"In Washington, police still have to observe signs of impaired driving before pulling someone over, Coon said. The blood would be drawn by a medical professional, and tests above 5 nano grams would automatically subject
the driver to a DUI conviction."

In Colorado they don't have to observe signs of impairment to prosecute a DUI case. It can be a secondary finding
during a routine traffic stop. So what do we do with this problematic DUI law? In the article that the quite above was pulled from, Colorado Republican Sen. Steve King states, ""I believe a 5-nanogram limit will save lives," he is a
sponsor of previous driving-high bills. Well what does that mean exactly? They are now going to require blood draws when police officers suspect an individual is impaired (because they don't have to be driving here)? This is ridiculous,
the link provided below will take you to the full article - this nonsense has got to stop!

With pot legal in 2 states, police worry about road safety

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