Over the summer a legislator in New Jersey was stopped and charged with a DUI. He promptly filed numerous complaints against the arresting officer with the court, 27 to be exact! The court dismissed 14 of the charges, but 13 criminal charges are pending against the officer. He has been suspended with pay until the matter is resolved. Aside from delaying the DWI charges against the Assemblyman, the charges will provide doubt for a jury of peers when his case is heard - if it goes to trial.

This happens more often than we know. Most officials that are stopped and charged with drunk driving refuse testing and begin discrediting the arresting officer. In this case he said that the officer lied in his written report, I would like to know what officer doesn't embellish the truth. They are trained to write reports that will make the charges stick and it often requires creative writing. Unfortunately, for the average citizen these tactics do not work because the judge would just throw out the charges and the court assumes guilt if testing is refused - though they are not supposed to and would never admit to it.



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